Donald A. Allen

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Donald A. Allen

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Don Allen represents the interests of clients in obtaining the benefit of their bargains, remedies for their claims and resolving disputes in the courts, in arbitration or mediation. A substantial body of client and trial experience provides Don with the ability to advise clients in effectively addressing legal needs and providing them with legal services and solutions.

Don Allen On His Role As A Lawyer

A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.
– Sam Goldwyn

A person should never try to explain this statement to a court. To avoid having to, they should use their lawyer when they’re negotiating an agreement or when they’re trying to get out of one. However, sometimes disputes are thrust upon us, and we are required to answer them.

In any of these situations, the key to successful contracts or navigating a dispute in business or with a neighbor is having a lawyer who understands how to state things clearly, in plain language, and how to present a case in court when necessary. And in all of those cases, having a lawyer who knows how to tell the other side that their case isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Education & Professional Highlights


• University of Michigan, Bachelor’s degree, 1980
• Wayne State University, J.D., 1985
• Bureau of National Affairs Award, senior year

Professional Highlights

• Bar Admission: State Bar of Wisconsin
• US District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin
• US District Court, Western District of Wisconsin
• US Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit