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We are a business owner’s first choice

when it comes to a last resort.

Litigation at the Milwaukee_County_Courthouse

A courtroom litigation makes for great headlines and prime-time TV, but it’s lousy for business. That’s why our approach to litigation takes into account what a business owner wants most: Fast, positive results.

Litigation sometimes involves a trial. Sometimes it’s a privately negotiated settlement. In either case, it has to occur as efficiently as possible, while effectively managing the time and resources you commit to the case.

Our approach to litigation is simple:

Whether we enter the courtroom or not, your business will win in the end.

  • Appellate
  • Banking and Financial Services Litigation
  • Business Contract Litigation
  • Creditor’s Rights
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Employment Litigation
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Trust and Estate Litigation
  • White Collar Defense and Investigations
  • Shareholder, Partner, and other Business Owner Disputes
  • Construction Law
  • Bankruptcy and Reorganization
  • Workout and Foreclosures
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Administration Law
  • Municipal Law
  • Condemnation/Eminent Domain
  • Arbitration and Mediation

Global Litigation Services & Resources

Should your or your company require international assistance with litigation matters, our membership in MSI Global Alliance — an international association of leading independent law and accounting firms around the world — is there to help.

MSI Global Alliance

MSI is London based and has over 250 member firms located in 105 countries, providing its members with immediate access to worldwide legal markets.

Contact us today to meet with one of our litigators.